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Who am I?

I have been a birth worker since 2017! I am a queer muxerista, daughter of immigrants, first generation graduate, mami to Sofia and Joseph and wife to Sy! I have been an advocate and activist for the past 17 years in anti-violence movement. Throughout that time my work has intersected with reproductive justice, in various ways. I believe birth is transformative and ceremonial. Informed consent, body autonomy, trauma-informed, and centering my clients are some of the values within my work.  

I came to birthwork through my own full spectrum of experiences (i.e. abortion, miscarriage, fertility journey, and birthing twins). Each one of those journeys provided me insight which allowed for me to go inward and reflect; ultimately, they have shaped who I am as a birth worker.


Why hire a doula

At our core a birthing person has all the tools within themselves to birth their child(ren). A doula is meant to help you find that knowledge within yourself and provide access to external information (i.e. research on interventions, prenatal care being offered, baby care, etc.).  Doulas also support you during prenatal, labor, and postpartum.  

Full spectrum doulas provide services inclusive of the above as well as preconception, abortion, miscarriage, loss, and adoption. 


My Mission\What I can do:

I will center you, your needs, and your desired birth. Birth transforms the birthing person, their family, and community. You already have all you need within you. My role is one of co-creating your vision, support, and bare witness to your power!  

My Education

2005-Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
2012- Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies
2017-Doula Trainings International (DTI) Doula Training (Birth & Postpartum)
2018-Certified in Childbirth Education via DTI
2019-Full Spectrum Doula Training via Birthing Advocacy Doula Training (BADT)
2020-Masters Public Health

As a birth worker I affirm your inner wisdom. I also:

  • Provide education so that you may have all options available to you and are able to make an informed decision.
  • Respect and support your decisions.
  • Encourage reclamation of your body and your birth journey.
  • Incorporate traditional/ancestral rituals.
  • Provide trauma-informed care that is mindful of potential systematic, historical, and personal triggers that may show up for you during this time.
  • Integrate your support system (i.e. partners, family, friends).
  • Co-create a postpartum plan.
  • Offer local and national resources.
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Testimonials About Birth & Postpartum Childbirth Education

"My husband Jonathan and I spent two years going through the IVF process... the day we found out we were pregnant our world was forever changed! We were overcome with emotions and realized at that moment we knew everything about getting pregnant but nothing about pregnancy and birth...

This is where Cristina came in, from day one she brought a sense of calm into our world. She educated us through books, videos and experiences during our visits. She helped us come up with a birth plan and helped us to envision what that day would look like... what we wanted, what we didn’t and what choices we would be making. Even when things didn’t go as planned at the hospital I was never scared or nervous because Cristina had been very transparent and realistic when explaining the process to us.

She was a calming force in all the chaos and someone who held our hand (literally) through it all. Thank you Cristina!"
Diana & Jonathan Hathaway
Birth & Postpartum Doula
“Cristina often thanks us for inviting her to be part of our birth team. Yet we genuinely feel the blessing was all ours… we were so fortunate to have had her guiding us through this process.

After laboring at home for a day and a half, my midwife suggested a hospital transfer. Cristina was calm, proactive, and like the conductor of an orchestra… was a pillar of peace when my ‘dream birth plan’ had to change.

Cristina was more than emotional support for myself, she was the rock that my husband, my sister, my mother, and my mother in law leaned on during my 3 day long labor. She reminded my birth tribe of their roles when the excitement and nervousness set in. And she reminded me of my mantra when I wanted to quit… ‘Thank you surge for bringing me closer to meeting my baby’.

She has the technical training required to support birthing persons through this process, but it is her heart that is truly one of a kind. Skills can be learned, but the gift that she has is irreplicable.

I can’t imagine giving birth without her love, support, knowledge and guidance.
Soria Family
"From the moment I met Cristina, she was super open, friendly, and we connected largely because of the energy she transmits. She was a safe place for me to confide my worries and troubles in. As a first time father, I had my fair share of vulnerabilities and concerns. Cristina not only made space for me, she encouraged me to be an active participant in my son's birth.

During our time in the hospital, she empowered us, reminded us of questions to ask to advocate for ourselves. Thanks to the homework she gave us and practice assignments we were prepared and relaxed. "
Dad's Testimonial
My name is Ronit, my husband and I had twins. We used Cristina as our Doula and signed up with her instantly. Not only was she there for all of our needs, but had answers to all of our questions. She educated us as first time parents to things we didn’t even know or think we would need to know! The whole process was amazing. The day of their birth she was more than attentive with us and my family. Highly recommend her if you're looking for someone to support you, educate you and be there for you with your needs.
Ronit & Tony Perez
Birth & Postpartum Doula

Childbirth Education

When participants were asked: What information was most beneficial to you? 

How will you incorporate this information into your birth and postpartum plan?

Our Ratings!
“The information about what happens leading up to and during labor was very helpful. I liked the activity that would lead toward writing my birth preferences but needed about twice as much time. I am definitely using what I learned to inform my next few conversations with my doctor.”
“The entire class was beneficial and got us to talk about topics and scenarios we hadn’t thought of before. It was very helpful to go over the postpartum with my husband as he was unaware of the different stages. This is something we will use when writing down our birth plan.”
“Learning how to make sure my partner is physically comfortable as pregnancy continues and during labor was my most beneficial takeaway. I want to do my part in supporting my partner, and I now know some great techniques and exercises to assist her. Also, understanding the different stages of labor cleared up many misconceptions that I had about childbirth. The videos were inspiring and powerful.”
“I think the overall progression was helpful through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. I’ve been doing homework and research, but it was invaluable and reassuring to also have folks weigh in with their life experience in an open and nonjudgmental way. My partner had not been researching as much and this was helpful to help make things more tangible for them. I appreciated the inclusive approach to birthing around language and partners and the many awesome ways paths to parenthood can unfold.”